Oct 15, 2010

Received from Eduardo Cardoso, Portugal

Thank you Eduardo, for your paranormal love-chairs mail-art.

Received from DoDo, Belgium

Envelope (front)
Thanks Dominic, for sending me Jesus! I have a weak spot for religious kitsch.

Envelope (Back). Dominic often uses the mail-art he receives to create something new.
I recognize a part of the envelope I sent to him.

Letter (front)
Letter (back)

Finally up to date!

I started this blog not long ago. The months before that I also received wonderful mail-art. It would be a waste not to show it! So I included (not in chronological order) all the mail-art that was sent to me between april 2010 and now.
Finally I'm up to date. From now on fresh mail-art!

Oct 11, 2010

Oct 10, 2010

Sent to Marja, Nederland

Bad photo, it wasn't that orange!

Sent to Grigori Antonin, U.S.A.

My contribution for the "100 years, Jean Genet" mailart-project.

Sent to Clara, Nederland

Sent to DoDo, Belgium

Puppet, made from the mailart DoDo sent me. I constructed the doll and Henny Jongenelen decorated it.

Sent to Marjolein, Nederland

Received from J. van der Voort, Nederland

Acrylic on hardboard. Mooi werk!

Received from Chantal Casamayor de Planta, France

Thanks Chantal! We will sent something for your project.

Received from Chantal Casamayor de Planta, France

Mailart Call "Faune et flore des zones humides".
For more information: http://www.captermer.com/

Received from Bifidus Jones, U.S.A.

Mailart from Bifidus is always beautiful. I'm a big fan! Check his link.

Received from Eva, Nederland

Received from Imelda Wubben, Nederland

Imelda's "Add & pass"-project.

Envelope, back.
Envelope, front

Sent to Wim, Nederland

Sent to Ruud Janssen, Nederland

The stamps on the envelope Ruud sent me had no poststamps on them so I altered Ruud's own envelope and sent it back to him.

Sent to mailart-project Mail Us Art, Poland

Sent to Mailart-project "Space Art Mail", Russia

Sent to Imelda Wubben, Nederland

This is what I made of the "Add & pass" that Imelda sent me.

Sent to Mailart-project "A tribute to Nick Bantock", Canada

Received from Henny Jongenelen, Nederland

Envelope & card, back.

Envelope & card, front.

Received from Inge, Nederland

Sent to Inge, Nederland

Sent to Eduardo Cardoso, Portugal

Click on the link to see Eduardo's Paranormal Mail Art.