Jan 31, 2014

Sent to Mail art project "The great war", Belgium

Card, mixed media.

Envelope (front)

Envelope (back).

Sent to Gerrie, Nederland

Envelope (front) & card.

Envelope (back).

Received from Magda Lagerwerf, Nederland

Dankjewel Magda!

Card, collage.

Magda's mail art call "Canary-bird", an Add & Pass and mail art project "Wipe".

Jan 30, 2014

Received from Stan Askew, USA

Card (front).
 I like the use of female archetypes in this collage. Thanks Stan!

Card (back), collage with stamps, playing card and beautiful old photo.


Received from Wilna Wijnstra-Diemer, Nederland

Envelope, newspaperarticle about Wilna
and a card, decorated with stamps.

Print of Wilna's collage, made of stamps.

Photo of Wilna making art.
Thanks Wilna!

Dear mail artists,

Due to computerproblems I was not able to updat this blog.
The coming weeks I'll publish photo's 
of all the postal art I have received.
I'm also very behind in answering your great mail art.
Sorry about that!

All the best,

Jan 1, 2014

Sent to DoDo, Belgium

Card, recycled collage.

Envelope (front)

Card and letter on vintage paper.

Envelope (back).