Apr 24, 2017

Received from Z., China

Envelope with many stamps, a banknote, coins and (food) postcards designed by Z.

Envelope (back) and more cards.

Sent to Alissa, USA

First Day Cover from 1992, cards and stamps (theme: sports).

Apr 12, 2017

Received from Lutz Anders, Germany

Card (front), mixed media.
Danke Lutz!

Card (back).

Apr 11, 2017

Received from Isolde van Overbeek, Nederland

Card and envelope (collages).
Dankjewel Isolde!

Envelope (back).

Apr 9, 2017

Received from Ottmar Bergmann, Sweden

Postcard (front), mixed media.
Tack Ottmar!

Postcard (back), mixed media.

Apr 8, 2017

Sent to Reiko, Japan

Envelope, postcard, fridge magnet and stamps (theme: cats).

Apr 7, 2017

Received from Moreno Menarin, Italy

Envelope (front and back) and Add & Pass sheet.
Grazie Moreno!

 More Add & Pass sheets.

Apr 4, 2017

Received from Matthias, Germany

Selfmade envelope, tea bag, postcard and (folded) poster.
Danke Matthias! 

Poster and envelope (back).

Apr 3, 2017

Apr 2, 2017

Received from Moreno Menarin, Italy

Add & Pass sheet and envelope (front and back).
Grazie Moreno!

More  Add & Pass sheets.